Your Perfect Partner for Taking That Next Step in Learning About Horses and Yourself

We invited some parents and students to write reflections of why we all love TPA so much.

"My daughter began riding at TPA shortly after her 6th birthday. She is now seven and a half. She loves going to the barn, and we love the growth we've seen in her since she started riding. In addition to learning all sorts of things about horses and barn life, she is developing a strong work ethic and learning valuable life skills.

One of the things we've so appreciated is the opportunity for the development of social-emotional and leadership skills. In a time when the news is full of sad stories about kids being bullied and generally being unkind to one another, something we've seen even in our daughters first-grade class, the environment at TPA is astoundingly refreshing. The instructors provide mentorship for the students. The older, more experienced students help the younger students. Everyone works together.

We are so grateful to TPA for the impact it's had on our daughter and our family as a whole. We look forward to many more years at the barn!" - Whitney, Mother of Poppy

"I have has the absolute pleasure of riding at TPA for almost 6 years. I has previously ridden at another facility and I can tell you without any doubt that TPA is comparable to none. I have learned so much more than I could ever have hoped to at TPA. The extensive knowledge about horses and horsemanship are so detailed and filled with so much understanding and care that one cannot help but feel included and welcomed into the barn family. 

TPA has not only taught me about horses but general life lessons from how to give a proper handshake to being attentive at all times, their teaching style has helped to prepare me for many different aspects of my life. The barn has helped me get through some of the darkest times in my life with their support and compassion.

The lessons are phenomenal. The thoughtfulness and care of the instructors shows up in all of their lessons as well as in their horses, dogs and other various animals.

I would 100% always recommend TPA to any rider. The warmth that you will receive at the barn will make you never want to leave." - Petra, Longtime Student