Your Perfect Partner for Taking That Next Step in Learning About Horses and Yourself

Buck Brannaman

Buck has been such an influence on our teaching and riding style, and as the greatest horseman of today he has taught us how to strive for softness and harmony with our horses and in the process has changed our lives in so many ways.


Ricky Quinn

Ricky has been a wonderful teacher for all of us at TPA. As a student of Buck Brannamans he is always looking to help us refine our horses and ourselves.  The classes are always small and intimate and the amount of personal help that he offers is phenomenal.  Each horse and rider combination leaves a Ricky Quinn clinic so much farther along in understanding, communication and feel.  We cannot say enough about this young man and how well he communicates his ideas and knowledge.  Come clinic at TPA with Ricky Quinn.


Check out his Facebook page as well

Joel Conner

Joel Conner has been a good friend and fellow student following the teachings of Buck and Ricky. He has now begun his own adventure as a teacher.  The amount of feel, communication and education that he offers is amazing.  And he now offers clinics in the area. 


Tack room Too

For all the needs that you or your horse might have, just stop by to see the crew at this wonderful tack and supply shop.  If they don't have it, they can order it.  This is a "must stop at tack store" when you are in the southern Puget Sound area.


Terrie LaBarbera

Terrie creates the most amazing portraits of those who add that special something to our lives. People, dogs, cats, horses—anyone notable in your life. She takes your favorite photograph and makes it a piece of artwork using a variety of computer methods. She also does an incredible job doing photographic restoration of old or damaged photographs. All of her work is printed on acid-free heavyweight paper using archival inks. See the Recent Portraits section of for the latest painted portraits and photographic collages. Prices upon request: portraits@tlbtlb.com".  Terrie LaBarbera

Check out her website

​Maria d'angel0

An east coast artist, Maria does graphite renderings of your favorite photo.  Her attention to detail is phenomenal, and many of her original pieces are for sale all across the US.  If you are looking to immortalize a favorite photo of yours, call Maria.  To the right is a piece that she did for us called "The Four Stages."


Nature Nurtures

Nature Nurtures Farm is an incredible farm that offers help to at risk youth.  Their website says it all--"Bringing young people and animals together to build empathy, teach responsibility, and inspire hope."   Support this wonderful organization by volunteering, donating time or donating money.  The job that they do for so many youngsters is incredible.  Stop by their website to see how you can help.